Don Rivers believes


…in fair and transparent policing with community oversight.  Police usually investigate and decide what, if any consequences their fellow officers should face in cases of police misconduct. Communities need an urgent and accessible way to ensure police officers are accountable for police violence. With Don River’s experience as an advisor to law enforcement agencies, he is in a unique position to work with law enforcement and advocate for people disenfranchised by the current policing and prosecutorial system. Don Rivers is a strong supporter of the Campaign Zero efforts and platform.

Concept for multi ethnic business team

…in a $15.00 minimum wage. More importantly, he intends to work closely with technology-based companies to nurture and sustain high wage, green jobs in the tech sector. Don Rivers believes that the most economically vulnerable among us need to be lifted up and given opportunities to not just survive, but thrive. Forming strong partnerships with technology employers allows us to create better than living wage jobs. We have to create an economic environment where our technology partners can grow and therefore, grow our economy. Don Rivers will stand as a strong advocate to build and sustain those public/private sector relationships.

Mental Health Issues

…we have to create an environment where we can talk about people who deal with mental illness. We have to build both public and private partnerships to support individuals with mental illness that don’t currently exist. We also support organizations and agencies that currently provide services to that community to be able to better provide and expand their services.  Accessible mental health services is the foundation of a healthy community. Don Rivers will make it a mission to fund mental health services at every level in the community.

Toxic radioactive waste

…we should hold corporations and government agencies to the highest standards possible when it comes to environmental safety standards. The public should never have to pay the price for safety so corporations can profit. Don Rivers will stand strong for his constituents as an advocate for requiring the highest possible environmental and safety standards.  The Puget Sound is a gem and environmental treasure and must be preserved for future generations. The people of the Puget Sound need to be supported in protecting our beautiful resources and know they can rest assured they are always safe and protected.

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