Don Rivers is proud to announce his candidacy for Washington’s 7th Congressional District.  As a long-term resident of the Seattle area, Don Rivers understand the district and its constituents.  Don shares a vision with his neighbors for a Seattle that is livable for all of it’s residents.  We have so much to be proud of in the Puget Sound. For example, our women athletes are famous all over the world. Don Rivers will represent the 7th District moving forward into an even brighter future.

Don Rivers Believes:

…in fair and transparent policing with community oversight. Police usually investigate and decide what, if any consequences their fellow officers should face in cases of police misconduct.k
…in a $15.00 minimum wage. More importantly, he intends to work closely with technology-based companies to nurture and sustain high wage, green jobs in the tech sector.
Mental Health Issues
…we have to create an environment where we can talk about people who deal with mental illness. We have to build both public and private partnerships to support individuals with mental illness.
Toxic radioactive waste …we should hold corporations and government agencies to the highest standards possible when it comes to environmental safety standards. The public should never have to pay the price.

Meet Don Rivers

Donovan-Rivers Donovan (Don) Rivers has lived in Seattle for 37 years. He has worked for King County Metro for 32 years and is the father of two adult children.

Don’s background of hard work and demonstrated service in the Seattle community is evidence of his strong values and desire to make a noticeable difference. Donovan has boldly embraced the paradigm shift that is forcing our nation, our state and our district to creatively carve out a solid, well-sculptured path of recovery.

Don’s core values of economic development, education, and quality of life form the perfect foundation to begin this critical task. Don has the ability to motivate people by cultivating mind transforming seeds that empower people to do things for themselves that will improve the infrastructure of our communities. Key qualities are:

  • Education
  • Continuing Education Credit, Criticism and Discipline Skills for Managers, American Management
  • Association, 1999
  • Attended, Self-Discipline and Emotional Control, Career Track Seminars for Successful People, 1990
  • Attended, Management, Office of Personnel Management, San Francisco Regional Training Center, 1990
  • Green River Community College (Economics), 1989
  • Professional Experience
  • Founder, Urban Enterprises Mentorship Organization, 1992
  • Director, Seattle Police Department, African American Community Advisory Council, 2004-2008
  • Community Outreach, City of Kent, 1990
  • Chief Executive Officer/Founder/Adviser, Apostolic Clergy Advisory Council
  • Bridging the Gaps Coalition
  • Chief Executive Officer/Founder, International All Clergy All Community Advisery Council
  • Liaison, City of Kent

Don Rivers has been hailed as a champion on issues related to education, economic development, and criminal justice by bringing together clergy, community groups, local and state leaders and law enforcement in order to develop sound and practical solutions related to public safety.

For many years, Don has worked with the criminal justice system as the top adviser and trainer of officers for police departments in Washington State and nationwide. Former King County Executive Ron Sims credits Rivers for saving King County tax payers 2.5 million dollars each year on crime prevention.

Political Experience

  • Candidate, Representative, District 7, 2010
  • Candidate, Representatives District 7, 2008,
  • Candidate, Representatives District 7, 2006,
  • Candidate, Councilmember, City of Kent, 1997
  • Community Outreach Leader, Mayor Norman B. Rice Campaign, 1989
  • Advisor to Martha Choe for Seattle City Council Position 2

Donovan is an experienced political adviser having been mentored by some of the best politicians that our country has to offer such as former Speaker of the House, the late Tip O’Neill, former Governor Albert Rosellini, Congressmen Jim McDermott and Norm Dicks. For over thirty years, Donovan Rivers has worked hard to elect many public officials to office. Current and past officials of note include:

  • Governor Booth Gardner
  • Governor Mike Lowry
  • Governor Gary Locke
  • Governor Christine Gregoire
  • Senator Patty Murray
  • Senator Maria Cantwell
  • State Rep Jesse Wineberry
  • Former City Councilmember Martha Choe
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